Sleeping Pills

Sleeping Pills

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The day before I left Texas I went to the Star Dragonfly Herb Company and I told the owner that I was having a hard time sleeping. She gave me some pills:  if you take one it helps with anxiety and take two it helps you fall asleep. 

She asked me to test them out. I did and they work. I wrote this short review about them but it didn’t say much. 

I stop taking them for a long time because I was sleeping and I didn’t have much anixity. A week ago I started a new job and my anxiety has been really bad so I started taking them again.

These are the most amazing pills. It take about 30 minutes and it brings a calmness.  Its not like a regular sleeping pill where it knocks you out. You need to make sure you set yourself for success by making sure there are no distraction and you are relaxed.

I highly recommend them.