My Project: Advice From The Heart

My Project: Advice From The Heart

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 About The Project

Relationship advice is hard to give because every relationship has a different dynamic. But I have found the best advice from people giving me hints and tips from their life experience. I started becoming interested at look at quotes and tips online and I found them to be helpful but very impersonal. So this project is about real couples giving advice.

 Advice from the heart project
For my blog I am launching a personal project. Love for you to participate. 

1. a piece of advice about being a couple
2. a personal picture you already have that illustrates your piece of advice

3. name/nickname

4. How long you been together

5. anything you want to personal advertise ( ex: your start up or website)

Important: Every picture needs to have a heart in it. The heart does not need to be the focal point in the picture. If you do not have one in the picture I can help with adding a heart

You can e mail me at You can send me a message on this blog post.  You can send me a message on my Facebook page.


Here are some examples of pictures that are not just couples pictures: 





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  1. Excited to see what people have to add!