Meaningless = Priceless

Meaningless = Priceless

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I stop writing my blog because I had writer’s block. I felt like I was hitting a wall over and over like a wind up toy.

But then I went to Landmark Forums. It’s really amazing experience. I recommend if you do go that you should not look it up online because you will most likely freak yourself out.

When asked what I wanted to get out of Landmark I said I wanted to be truly happy.

When I was going through the forum I realized to be truly happy for myself I had to start examining look at the part of my life that were not working. What came into the light was my personal relationships:

Making friends– I realized that my definition of friend was so defined that I was the one preventing myself from having more friends.

My current friends– I realized I pushed my friends away when they have relationships and I wanted to stop doing that. I also wanted (with my close friendships) a kind of relationship where we both could be honest and felt heard. Where we don’t agree we can acknowledge each other even if we disagreed.

Romantic relationship – I realized that I really wanted to feel truly loved but I was so afraid of getting hurt I made it possible. So now I aware of it and ability to let my guard down when it starts happening.


When you go into the forum you do not knowing what you’re getting into and once you go through it’s really hard to explain it. If I tried explaining I say that I learned about meaningless circles and squares and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. If you ask me if you should do Landmark I say absolutely hands down. No question. But know you can’t get anything for free. You have to be willing to do the work and be open. I am so thankful I did this.

If your thinking about doing the landmark forum and you need someone to talk to you can always contact me here or on my Facebook page.

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  1. So exciting to hear how much you are taking away for the forum Roo! Can’t wait to attend your meeting and hear what how else you’ve grown 🙂