Fact versus Interpretation: My View On Landmark Forum

Fact versus Interpretation: My View On Landmark Forum

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According to Webster dictionary the definition of fact is something that truly exists or happens. If you look up Landmark Forum you will find the facts about Landmarks both positive and negative articles are true.

The facts:  You are in a room where the windows are covered and you sit in an uncomfortable chairs for 3 days with a lot of people. When you go on breaks they assign you a task. At dinner you are asked to go with a group and encouraged to talk to each other. The first day of your forum you start to learn what I refer to as Landmark language. During the rest of the time there you keep learning the language, teachers give you tools, and people come up and share.

According to Webster dictionary the definition of interpretation is the way something is explained or understood. Since an interpretation is of a person point of view. Here is my interpretation.

My interpretation of the facts: There are logical reason why the forum is formatted the way it is. The reason you have uncomfortable chairs and the blinds are closed is the same reason in school. Its helps to keep you focused.

Why do they give you homework on breaks and dinner? It is because it keeps you talking with the people in the forum or to take actions.The reason why talking to get people to talk in the forum is so important is because that is where the success is. Landmark is all about self improvement. Self improvement does not work if you don’t have support.

Why forum works: After going through the forum I realized it was like going to college. Landmark is the major you are going to get a “degree” . In any major there is terminology or language to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing. I got my BA in Sociology. An example of this in Sociology is there is a difference between sex and gender.

According to sociologydictionary.org:

  • sex: a term that denotes the presence of physical or physiological differences between males and females.  
  • gender: A term that refers to social or cultural distinctions of behaviors that are considered male or female

In my experience once you learn something it changes your life. I am a sociologist through and through. My mom took me to a talk in SF and the lady on stage was a sociologist. I found what she said so interesting and amazing. My mom didn’t.

The only difference between the positive and negative reviews are what the person interpretation of the forum. Don’t let others people’s negative interpretations of Landmark influence your decision not to go. You should create your own interpretation.